We grow people, our
people grow unique

We firmly believe that trusting, valuing and empowering people is what counts. Thanks to this attitude our people can grow and add value to make our products unique. Together we proudly grow summer flowers that make our world colourful.


By being innovative and forward-looking, we distinguish ourselves with an exclusive, trend-setting assortment: summer flowers that are experienced as stylish, elegant and surprising. Also, in all our collaborations (with each other, with partners and with our customers) we attach great importance to creativity, quality and class.

Leading the world in unique summer flowers.


Because of our focus on cooperation, growth and innovation, we can distinguish ourselves with a unique assortment. Thanks to our people and partnerships, available all year round. Our method ensures that we can consistently create a unique quality of summer flowers.

Creating a strong brand with a unique product range, through strategic partnerships, offering consistent quality.


When it comes to our long-term, worldwide connections, the common interest is key. We focus on strengthening each other’s talents to grow together. Cohesion, durability and continuity are paramount in the way we develop our relationships and bring our flowers into the world.


Our responsibility and thoughtfulness in all our actions, form the foundation of our company. Through our focus on every step in the process,
we can guarantee the high quality of our products. We are proud that we are characterised as committed and accessible in the way we do business and are therefore known as a reliable business partner.

Look after your people and they will look after your customers. Your people are always number one.

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