The healing power of herbs


New year, new you

What better timing to cleanse your body’s energy than exactly now – the very beginning of a new year. A new decade even! Here’s to 2020: a fresh start and a new you.
Lavender: for those people that deserve some nice relaxation. This herb is perfect to use for stress and anxiety reduction. Help your customer to finally sleep better! This herb has antiseptic properties.

The desire for holistic health care

The alternative routes of health are becoming more and more popular in society. Actually most consumers tend to prefer a more holistic approach to their ailments nowadays. You see it evidenced everywhere: the upcoming essential oils, people returning to natural medicines and the discovery of the power of plants. Take your advantage with this trend and use it in your floral designs.
Chamomile: is perfect for the ones who can use a little boost in immunity. Furthermore it aids with sleep, relaxes and helps prevent colds.

Implementing the trend

One way to incorporate this desire-for-health trend is taking into account the flower colors used in your arrangements. Using the right color combinations can reduce anxiety, prevent headaches, and give a sense of tranquility. Going one step further is combining flowers with herbs. Using more aromatic herbs in your flower arrangements helps your customers cleanse and heal their bodies even more.
Mint: use mint in your arrangements if your customer is looking to purify air. This herb soothes and has relaxing properties.

Using aromatic herbs

New holistic trends based on the healing power of herbs are leading us to implement lavender, thyme, rosemary, spearmint and other aromatic herbs in arrangements so that they are not only look beautiful and calming but also stimulate our other senses. Incorporating these herbs in arrangements can help soothe different symptoms. Find the healing properties per herb in the picture captions. Let this help you with a new, fun and more personal approach towards your customers.
Rosemary: ideal for the customer that would like to enhance memory and concentration. This herb also soothes and reduces stress.
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