Your guide to perfect flower care


Fresh flowers and plants can make a huge difference in any home’s décor. But also as a bouquet everyone really should be able to enjoy this amazing gift and appreciate it for as long as they can. So how do we enjoy our fresh flowers as long as possible? Let us take you by the hand in advising your customer. Feel free to copy and share our tips with your customers!

All flowers have come a long way at that moment of purchase in a flower shop. First the farm workers have put their heart and soul into months of growing, harvesting and cutting the flowers. Then they’ve made their way onto the lengthy logistical chain. All to end up at a dinner table in a vase for about 7 to 10 days.

Fortunately there are ways to manipulate the vase life of a flower! We are both experienced in farming as well as running a florist shop so read on to find specialized tips and tricks.

Flowers really do need all the love you can possibly give them.

Tip #1

A quick fix for extending a flower’s vase life! Make sure you always use a clean vase when putting new flowers in your home. If vases are not cleaned properly, they accumulate bacteria that will contaminate the water. The dirtier the water, the quicker the flower will go.

Tip #2

Flowers actually drink a lot of water. For a longer vase life, add fresh water every single day and change the water completely every two to three days. This is important so that bacteria built up from stems being in the water can be avoided.

Tip #3

Everyone who has ever bought a bunch of flowers will know to cut the bottom of all stems before putting them into the vase for the first time. But did you also know that you should cut the stems about 1 cm every time you change the water to help them drink water better and not decompose. The key here is to use sharp scissors when cutting them to make a clean cut that allows stems to take in water properly.


Tip #4

Flowers last for a certain amount of ‘heat hours’ as they call it. This means that from the moment the flower is cut from the ground at the farm, it has an x amount of hours exposed to heat before it goes. That is why you do not want to put your flowers too close to any heat or light. Unlike plants, flowers like cooler areas and if put near intense light and heat they mature faster.

Tip #5

People who like to display a fruit bowl as well as a bunch of flowers on the dinner table – this tip is especially for you. Ripening fruits or vegetables, particularly bananas or apples, give off ethylene causing flowers to drop petals. So best not to put your flowers right beside any ripening fruits or vegetables.

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