Psychedelic vs Natural: which camp are you?


Extremes in floral colors and styles

Not quite a full month into 2020 and this year already seems to be brewing something exciting on the flower front. Two trends that could not be more opposite of each other, total extremes in floral colors and styles. On one hand we are seeing a calling for simple sophistication as a recurrence in the soft neutral trend that has been ongoing since last year. Upcoming is the opposite end of the spectrum in arrangements that are packing a psychedelic punch. These arrangements radiate a groovy flower power feeling and take us back to the 1970’s.
Designs by Brazilian florist designer: DoFabio

Neutral mania

For those who like to play it safe, soft neutrals are a sophisticated alternative to use in your designs. These colors are great for a classic and wonderful look. If you go for the neutral end of the spectrum, you respond perfectly to the less is more trend, covered in our previous blog. The neutral trend is a reflection of people looking for more sustainable, organic alternatives in their lives. This is clearly seen in the choice of flowers and floral design and explains the boom in foliage and greens at the moment. These tones perfectly represent nature, growth and freshness.

Psychedelic frenzy

For those who are a bit more daring and bold: go all out and use multicolor explosions and contrasts in colors and types of flowers. Consumers that like this trend are demanding more powerful and dynamic arrangements. Finally a good time in floral design to let yourself go crazy. It will result in beautiful vivid creations that are almost art like.


Especially with the current and ongoing trend in interior design with more neutral, minimalistic spaces, the psychedelic look is a great fit here as well. Even though it may seem contradictional at first, placing a vibrant and colorful arrangement in a minimalist furnished room gives it a powerful personality instantly.


The minimal floral trends

It will be an interesting year to come in floral design as there is so much that can be done in both lines of design, and even combining the two styles boldly. Let your imagination take flight to make your customers dreams come true. It is the beginning of an era of endless possibilities!


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