Wreaths: the undeniable Christmas decoration


Holiday spirit

Nothing shows the holiday spirit like a good old Christmas wreath. Whether hanging on the front door or flat on the table as a centerpiece, with or without candles. We’ve been using wreath decorations for as long as anyone alive can probably remember. But where does this tradition come from?

A bit of history

Wreaths have been used as jewelry or victory signs for ages by many different ancient cultures. But the wreaths used as decorations as we know now started in the 16th century. Christians adopted the wreath as a tradition, as the round shape symbolizes eternal life and the never-ending love of God. These wreaths were traditionally made of evergreens, which also symbolize eternal life, holly oak, and red berries. The red berries and the thorny leaves of the holly oak represented the crown of thorns worn by Jesus and the drops of blood that they drew.

Common use

Enough with the history lesson. As many of the old Christian traditions, wreaths are nowadays commonly used in all sorts of households regardless of religious beliefs.

Wreaths are actually becoming more and more popular as many people do not have the space to set up, or store afterwards, a Christmas tree. A full-on Christmas tree takes up a lot of space, and time and money to decorate. As we are now living busier lives in smaller houses, time and space need to be used efficiently. To still show the Christmas spirit we are seeing a boom in wreaths to hang on the door or put inside homes, which make Christmas a lot easier and more manageable. A wreath serves as a more practical alternative to Christmas decor.


Trends in wreath decorations

What are the current trends in wreath decorations? The traditional pine Christmas wreath has been replaced with a diverse range of styles. Florists are expressing their creativity with new styles, incorporating all sorts of different elements and decorations including dried fruits and flowers, nuts, succulents, woodchips and many other things. This has become so popular that famed floral designers are holding wreath workshops to show guests the endless possibilities there are to create their own personalized wreath to hang on their front door and welcome the Christmas spirit into their homes.
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